Monday, October 29, 2007

Strike a Pose

As a kid, I always had dreams of hoisting the Heisman Trophy. I just didn't know that it would be when I was 33 years old and at church on a Sunday morning...but it was a thrill nonetheless!

Yesterday, we capped off our Fanatic sermon series at NorthStar, and one of the guys who has been attending who works for Nissan Corporation asked if we would mind if he brought in the Heisman Trophy for us for the final week. Obviously, it was a decision we didn't need to stew on very long.

The final message of the series was entitled "Team Player," and each year the Heisman Trophy is awarded to a player who does more than any other player in the country to help his team succeed. In life there are individuals who are all about themselves. Men and women who look for the spotlight and run around trying to stay in it (these people are easy to identify).

And, then there are others who are so consumed with helping the TEAM win that they virtually get lost in the shuffle. These are the true champions in life. And, they're likely the people in your life who hold you up because they are your biggest fans!

Everyone loves a team player. And, I pray everyone strives to become one. Because we all accomplish more as a team than we ever can when we act only in our own best interests.

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M&M's PLACE said...

Was it heavy and you didn't do the pose!! I did.