Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Cares?

I had an interesting discussion at lunch today. A few of us were talking about the whole My Space/ Facebook deal. Basically, these are online communities that allow people to share their lives with others on a regular basis.

To date, I have avoided setting up a page on these sites. But, more and more people are telling me I "need to set up a profile on Facebook."

As if blogging wasn't enough (I know you're thinking it).

The lunch discussion centered around the fact that people (mostly kids) tend to share entirely too much information on these pages. Many times they will share information that could compromise their reputations, or worse - their futures. Some can share such detailed information that it invites deranged lunatics to act on their impulses.

But, going a step beyond the dangers of sharing too much information, tons of people share completely meaningless information.

For example, people will update their personal page ten times in a day, and will share everything they are doing. Brushing their teeth. Talking on the phone. Heading to lunch. Checking the mail. Walking to the fridge to grab a Coke.

Thanks for sharing, but who cares?

Today more than any other time in history, information is meaningless. As author Daniel Pink writes in his book A Whole New Mind, we are quickly moving out of the Information Age. In the past, information was the equivalent of power. Today, anything anyone wants to know about anything or anyone is a mouse-click away.

Instead, says Pink, we are embarking (or already have embarked) on a new era in which "right brainers will rule the future." Since anybody can get information, creativity is now king. Individuality is reigning supreme in our culture.

Thank goodness.

I mean, I think it's great that you just texted your best friend. Or that you are drying your hair. Or, just popped open a can of Red Bull.

But, for Pete's sake, I don't care to know about it. Tell me something interesting ABOUT you. Share your opinions. Bare your soul. Tell me your thoughts on drilling in ANWAR. But, I'm not interested in the type of granola you just picked up at Publix.

OK, I gotta run. I just trimmed my toenails, and I have to dispose of the clippings.



Robert said...

Drill, drill, drill.

Unknown said...

Not sure exactly what that means, but...OK.

Unknown said...

nevermind...oil, baby. Gotcha.