Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love My Boys!

I hope I never take my sons for granted. They are a special dynamic duo, and breathe life into me each day.

Over the past couple weeks, I have had the privilege to serve as "Mystery Reader" for each of their classes on Friday. Two weeks ago, I remember standing in the hallway at Lewis Elementary, when Chaz (my 8-year old) spotted me as he was headed to his classroom after lunch.

"Daddy!!!" he exclaimed, and came running towards me, with arms outstretched to give me a bear hug. What a greeting! My heart melted, as I was equally excited to see him.

The following Friday, I was in Chandler's class. I can remember rounding the corner into the doorway of his classroom, and I made eye contact with the little guy. Chandler is much different than Chaz. Instead of bounding toward me, Chandler had a rather perplexed look, as he was trying to figure out exactly what I was doing there. After about 30 seconds of me making goofy faces and gestures at him, he finally cracked a smile.

I know some parents say that their kids are "their life." I wouldn't go quite that far. But, they certainly add joy, laughter, and fun to it (as well as frustration), and I honestly couldn't imagine what it'd be like if they weren't in the picture.

I cherish the moments I spend with them, and pray that they will always be as excited to see me, and spend time with me, as I am to see and hang out with them.

Love you buddies!!

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