Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moral Compass Pointing South with Teens

I gotta say I am struggling today. I am bewildered and disturbed.

I just walked down the hallway and heard one of our student staff members talking about how so many teenagers today are struggling with homosexuality, and that experimenting with the same sex is the "in thing" today in many schools.

Say what?

As I told one of my co-workers, I remember when the most controversial thing in high school was who got in trouble for chewing gum in class.

I continued down the hallway and met Dr. Diane Pearce, who has a Christian Marriage and Family Counseling practice in our office. I mentioned this to her in disbelief, and here was her response, as her eyes widened: "Oh, it's running rampant!"


Dr. Pearce proceeded to tell me about a couple conversations her daughter has had at her high school. She told me her daughter was walking the halls just yesterday, and she overheard a group of girls all talking about how they were "all bi" (bisexual). When she clearly communicated that she was not "bi," the girls scoffed and expressed that they could not believe that she wasn't...that everybody is bi nowadays, and everyone makes their own choices.

And, I thought the peer pressure to go TP a friend's house was pushing the limits.

On another occasion, her daughter had a conversation with another girl whose dad is a minister. The "PK" (preacher's kid) - in casual conversation with an almost complete stranger - mentioned that she was "bi" and the Bible was no longer relevant or applicable in today's society.

Dr. Pearce told me that a lot of this points back to the fact that the father's role in the home has become so weak that kids no longer see strong men and strong marriages as influences in their lives.

Further, she says many times teens today do not see any boundaries whatsoever in relationships with friends (of either gender). According to Dr. Pearce, sometimes kids do something silly and innocent, but it ends up leading to much more if one person takes the lead and begins to be more aggressive and perpetuate things.

I told Dr. Pearce I needed to schedule an appointment with her this afternoon to get my head straight after hearing all this. This is both shocking and depressing, and my stomach is in knots.

Join me in praying for today's youth. And, if you are a parent, be aware that your kids are looking to you for guidance on these types of issues. If you choose to do or say nothing, they will look for acceptance in the wrong places.

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