Monday, June 8, 2009

Is Cussing Really Cool?

I've shared my thoughts about using profanity on many occasions. Bottom line is that I hate it, and it disturbs me greatly. Cussers, generally speaking, are self-absorbed and - in my opinion - ignorant people.

Many people cuss because they think it's cool. Or, they want to fit in. Unfortunately, this has spilled over into the church world in recent years, as many pastors have begun to use words like "sucks, pissed off, and crap" (among others) from the pulpit during their sermons.

Recently, Ed Young Jr., founding pastor of Fellowship Church in the Dallas, Texas area, posted a video blog about this. I thought it was worth sharing here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!


lori sargent said...
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Unknown said...

Andy -

I don't think the words "hell" or "crap" are cuss words. But, do you really think it's the best idea to use that type of slang in a sermon, or when communicating God's Word in any forum?

"Sucks" is not a cuss word either, but it is crude at best. I don't like it when my kids use that word.

I guess Ed Young's point (and mine) is that it's not necessary to use those words to communicate effectively - particularly when it comes to something like God's love for us.

Using slang is the "easy" way (and often lazy and thoughtless way) to talk to the masses. Lacks imagination and intellect, if you ask me.

Why can't you say "that stinks" or "what in the world?" or "that's a bunch of malarky" instead of the more questionable phrases we hear?