Friday, October 9, 2009

Thoughts from Catalyst 2009

I just returned from the Catalyst leadership conference. As always, there were some terrific speakers: Tony Dungy, Rob Bell, Charles Swindoll, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Dave Ramsey, Andy Stanley, Josh Hamilton, Louie Giglio, and several others.

Here are some of the more memorable quotes I took away from Catalyst.09:

  • God takes responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him. - Andy Stanley, quoting his father, Charles Stanley

  • The medium is the message. How we communicate (the medium) is as important, perhaps moreso, than what we communicate (the message). - Shane Hipps

  • Nobody wants to be Moses. He had to wander in the desert for 40 years, leading a bunch of whiners and complainers. Church people were SO different then (spoken with much sarcasm). - Matt Chandler

  • We shouldn't be inviting God to play a role in our story. Instead, we should be available to play a part in God's story. - Andy Stanley

  • We need to be excited about treasure we already have. - Priscilla Shirer

  • Intensity causes things to move. Nothing moves unless it is shoved. - Dave Ramsey

  • I am sick of half-butt Christians. Stop slapping a fish on the back of it, and driving it poorly and irresponsibly. Do things with excellence. - Dave Ramsey

  • To the person who claims he doesn't have enough time to meet along with God: Jesus' earthly ministry was 1,059 days, and the first 40 were spent alone in the wilderness with His father. - Louie Giglio


Robert Ingle said...

Great quotes. I love Andy Stanley and Dave Ramsey.

Church people were so different then. - Matt Chandler

Did he say "so"? It seems to me that it makes more sense if it were "no".

My apology for going off topic, C.A, but I couldn't help noticing the "FlashForward" graphic. I know you watch "Lost" and wonder if you have seen the new T.V. series "FlashForward"? What I've seen of it seems interesting.

Unknown said...

he said it with sarcasm (not captured in my post). It was quite humourous!

As for he TV show, we have been recoridng it, but have yet to watch it. Looking forward to it!