Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The 2-sday 10

Our inaugural Tuesday Top 10 list. We'll do this every week on Tuesday (unless I forget, or I'm out of town, or whatever). Enjoy!

Top 10 Oxymorons

10. Definite Maybe
9. Terribly Pleased
8. Soft Rock

7. Clearly Misunderstood

6. Genuine Imitation
5. Pretty Ugly

4. Found Missing
3. Sanitary Landfill
2. Tight Slacks
1. Legally Drunk

Feel free to share your favorites!

Update: Here's one of many that have been emailed to me:


Tom Weston said...


I hate this one. If you nearly missed someone, then you hit them.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that one gets me too. Kinda like "Same Difference." What the heck does that mean?