Monday, July 30, 2007

Unique Privilege

Last night was an amazing night - for our church, and for me personally. We held our annual church picnic at Lake Allatoona yesterday, and capped it off with an incredible baptism service. And, while more than 120 people went into the water, the highlight for me was baptizing my son, Chaz. What an incredible feeling, and a truly unique privilege getting to baptize your child and witness for yourself that he is publicly professing his faith in Christ.

Walking the waters of baptism is a truly great expression of humility and obedience. Essentially, by doing this we are saying, "I belong to Jesus, and I follow him." It takes putting ourselves aside and remembering that our walk with the Lord is intended to be an open book for others to read and examine.

I'll always remember July 29, 2007. It's a day that God gave me a big "thumbs up" as a dad, but most importantly the day that my son publicly gave his big "thumbs up" to God!

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