Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The 2sday 10

Ten Popular New Year's Resolutions
Source: Me

1. Lose Weight - It's New Year's Day...I can start tomorrow. Or the next day.
2. Exercise More
(or start exercising) - Wait a second...how do these dumbbells work again?

3. Spend Less/ Pay Down Debt
- It's always discouraging to think about this right after the holidays. I shoulda asked for more cash for Christmas!

4. Quit a Bad Habit
- Bad habits? I don't have any bad habits. Hold on while I put down the remote and get that hang nail with my teeth.

5. Pick up a New Hobby
- I always wanted to learn Feng Shui. I'm gonna have to make time between basket weaving and ukulele lessons.

6. Watch Less Television
- Nuh uh. Ain't happening. I just got HD.

7. Be a Better Parent
- I love my little kiddos. Hey, Johnny, I think I saw your Ninja Turtle's missing leg in that light socket over there.

8. Take a Vacation
- or 2 or 3 or 5. I can't remember how many we took last year. It's getting close to time to take another one.

9. Get More Organized
- I made a list of things of ways I could get more organized this year. If I could only remember where I put it...

10. Volunteer to Help or Serve Others
- Does volunteering to help kids learn how to play video games at Target count?

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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