Monday, December 24, 2007

The REAL Reason for the Season

You've probably seen the phrase on signs in front yards, on church signs, and Christmas cards: JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. The phrase is kinda catchy - mostly because it rhymes. But, for years I read the words and never gave another thought about it. I took it at face value. I accepted it without question. Until this year.

You're probably starting to get a little nervous. You're thinking, "How can you deny that statement? You're about to cross the line."

But, stay with me for a moment.

Yes, we do celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmastime. I mean, without the birth of Jesus, there's no Christmas. No Easter, for that matter.

But, in heaven, around 2008 years ago, God and the angels were celebrating something completely different. They were throwing a party, and the cake didn't have Jesus' name on it. It had your name on it...and it had mine.

You see, WE are the REAL reason for the season.

Because man (and woman) decided that trusting themselves and others was more important than trusting God, we were separated from our Father and Creator. All the good and perfect things our Lord had put into existence were now tarnished. And, from those early days in the Garden until 2008 years ago, there was a chasm that divided heaven and earth. A huge piece of the puzzle was missing.

It's called purity. Righteousness. Freedom. Holiness. These were the characteristics of Godliness we could never achieve unless something happened. A sacrifice.

So, on that night a couple millennia ago, God decided it was time to fix the problem we created. To right our wrongs, and to give us the second chance of all second chances.

He introduced His perfect, blameless, spotless son to us. And, for the next 33 years of his life, we caught a glimpse of his Father's goodness, mercy, and love.

And, because God walked the earth in human form, and because He gave us His Word - the Bible - we are still able to catch a glimpse of our Heavenly Father each and every day.

So, this Christmas, and for days and years to come, remember God did all of this with you in mind. He sent the baby Jesus here with one mission: to die for our sins.

Because He loved us enough to make us the reason for the season.

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