Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 2sday 10

Ten Unique and Little-Known Christmas
Traditions from Around the World

Familyman Ministries

  1. Bobbing for hedgehogs (United Kingdom)
  2. Decorating the Christmas python (Africa)
  3. Icing Vegemite holiday cookies (Australia)
  4. Sea turtle tipping (Hawaii)
  5. Replacing the roof on your house (Florida)
  6. Sweating (Thailand)
  7. Hanging lights and tinsel on your Humvee (Iraq)
  8. Shooting beer cans off of your buddy’s head (Montana)
  9. Deep-frying a turkey stuffed with Twinkies (Michigan)
  10. Avoiding frostbite and being trampled to death by reindeer (Sweden)

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