Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Do or Die

Tonight we begin our foray into the Kennesaw Pinto League season-ending double-elimination baseball tournament. This is "do or die" time for each team.

It's the time of year when the regular season record gets swept aside, and each team is given new life in the chase for the crown.

Isn't it funny how much more intense things become when something is on the line? Not to say that our regular season games aren't intense. But, when it's "sudden death," it adds a whole new meaning to the competition.

It's really not any different in life, is it? I mean, when we are chasing something, we are more focused. More intent. Almost desperate in our pursuit.

Please know this: there is always something on the line - each and every moment of our lives. Our integrity. Our character. Our family's well-being and security. Our hope for a bright future.

The enemy would like to deceive you into believing that it's OK to just go with the flow and to blend in. To not distinguish yourself from the crowd. To be accepted at all costs. But, that is when we get into trouble - when we fail to realize that so many things hang in the balance each and every moment of our lives.

Fortunately, even when we stumble, God often treats it like a double-elimination tournament. He gives us a second chance. He asks us to repent and confess our wrongs. And, he restores and renews our hearts and our faith in Him. But, that doesn't mean there are not consequences.

Always be conscious that each moment of your life is "do or die." What we "do" or "don't do" has potentially far-reaching repercussions far beyond ourselves. On the flip side, we have an awesome opportunity to spread positive tremors throughout our spheres of influence.

Every moment counts.

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Robert said...

Good analogy and great post!

Go Cardinals!!!