Monday, September 8, 2008

You, Too!!

Have you ever responded to someone's question or comment with an response so asinine that you looked and felt like a complete dork? Of course you have (I feel better already)!

Before I defame myself yet again, I gotta tell you about my favorite comedian. His name is Brian Regan, and he is absolutely the funniest dude I have ever seen perform live. Tim Hawkins is a close second, but Brian Regan takes the cake with his facial contortions and over the top goofy mannerisms.

Anyway, Regan does this entire bit on making completely idiotic responses when engaged in everyday conversations.

For example, when people say, "You, too!" at the wrong time. Regan tells of a time when he took a cab ride to the airport. As he was exiting the taxi, the driver said, "Have a nice flight."

Regan's response: "You, too!" He goes on to say how foolish he felt as he stood at the curb with his hand waving back at the cabbie. "You, too! You have a nice flight too! If you ever fly someday!"

He also talks about standing in the line for popcorn at the movie theater. The person behind the counter hands him his bucket of popcorn and exclaims, "Enjoy the movie!"

Regan's reply: "You, too!"

Well, you get the point.

There are many times when we just say ridiculous things to people - usually thoughtlessly and unintentionally.

So, back to my moment of sheer genius. It was after church a couple weeks ago. I was heading into our office building to put away a couple of items, and someone approached me with a question.

"Excuse me, C.A.? I was you know if our church (NorthStar) offers any type of ministry for deaf people?"

My complete bone-head response: "Not that I have heard."

OK, it is pretty funny, I have to admit. But, as soon as I uttered those words, I realized how terrible of a response that really was. I uttered an awkward little chuckle, and apologized for my insensitive response. But, it was too late. The damage was done - mostly to myself.

There are countless other times when I have tripped over my own tongue. Things I have said, words I have typed that marred my reputation for a lifetime. Things that are hilarious to look back on, but things I would change if I could do them over again.

I'd love to hear from you!

What's YOUR best, "You, too!" moment?

P.S. - You can catch a clip of Brian Regan's comedy bit HERE. This particular clip is about 15 years old (you can tell by the mullet). And, he has a couple hilarious DVD specials you should check out! (he's a clean comic, FYI. No foul language)

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