Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Common Problems, Uncommon Faith

We have a series that begins this week at NorthStar that is centered around one of my favorite characters in the Bible. He's a guy whose most extraordinary trait was his unwavering confidence that God was always near no matter the circumstances in which he found himself.

This is a dude who, as far as we know, did nothing wrong. No, he wasn't sinless, but we never read about any immorality or poor choices in his life. He loved people. He thought about others. He planned ahead. He was forgiving. He was compassionate.

Despite his loving nature, his life was marked by wrongdoing - and he was the one who was repeatedly wronged! He was thrown into a pit and left for dead. He was sold into slavery. He was framed for rape. He was thrown into prison. He was forgotten by those he helped.

But, this man never lost hope. He persevered through constant misfortune. What separated him from the rest of the world at that time was his unshakable faith in his God.

By the world's standards, he was average. There was nothing outwardly about him that suggested he was - or ever would be - anyone who would ever amount to much of anything. But, while others may not have noticed anything special in him, God was at work developing the person who would save an entire nation from a devastating famine.

Who was this guy? He was the oldest son of Jacob's beloved Rachel, and he was favored by his dad over all of his 11 brothers. He was a dreamer, and he was the ultimate model of integrity. His name was Joseph. And, though we regard him as someone who was larger than life, the fact is that he was just an Everyday Joe.

He was a normal guy who was the victim of some pretty incredible injustices. But, it was his uncommon faith in an omnipotent God that changed his life - and the entire nation of Egypt - forever.

Join us beginning October 5 at NorthStar for a four-part series called Everyday Joe, and find out Joseph's secret to finding peace and claiming victory in some of life's most desperate circumstances.

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