Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving Big

I am so proud of being a part of a church who loves to give and serve. For the past six weeks or so, our church has given overwhelmingly to help others.

Check out how NorthStar people have given to others:
  • Gave more than $3,500 to purchase 400+ turkeys for underprivileged families for Thanksgiving
  • Gave 800+ grocery bags filled with side items (fruits, veggies, desserts) for these families
  • Gave $11,000+ towards Shop with a Hero, Shop with a Warrior, Shop with a Mustang, and Shop with a Buccaneer programs to help give children Christmas gifts
  • Adopted 300+ children in our annual Christmas Adopt-a-Family program
  • Gave $17,000+ to help provide fresh, clean drinking water to people all across the world
These are just a few examples. There's no way to tally the thousands of hours people have volunteered to serve others at MUST Ministries, Cobb Christmas, and many other great ministries in our area.

Thank you, NorthStar! You are a beacon for people who need love and hope!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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