Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree of Memories

About the time Amy and I got married, we decided to begin collecting Christmas ornaments. We decided that any time we went on an out of town trip together, we'd buy an ornament as a memento and reminder of that time together.

Now - 12 years later - we have quite a collection of keepsakes that is hung on the two Christmas trees in our home. Trinkets from places such as the Bahamas, Seagrove Beach, Disney World (multiple), Boston, Hilton Head Island, Jackson Hole, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Mexico, Charleston, S.C., San Francisco...and many more!

Each year we decorate our trees together, and I am reminded of all the amazing places we've been and time we've spent with one another.

And, now that we have two growing boys, we also see the ornaments they have crafted themselves, as well as the ones we have purchased on memorable vacations as a family.

I absolutely love Christmastime, and I thoroughly enjoy our staring at our Christmas trees, and revisiting the precious memories we have made over the years.

And, for those who know me best, you likely know we're getting close to needing a third Christmas tree...because the more trips we share, the more branches we need to hang these timeless souvenirs!

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