Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brief Math Lesson

OK. Most of us, by now, are completely numb to the whole economic stimulus banter, as well as all the figures being tossed about with respect to the bailout. I must admit it has become tiresome.

But, maybe this will awake you from your media-induced slumber.

Let's take a million seconds (as in time). How far will one million seconds take us? You have a guess?

The answer is 11.57 days - a little more than a week and a half.

In terms of minutes, one million minutes is a little more than 694 days, or not quite two years.

That's one million.

Now, let's consider a billion.

One billion seconds is more than 11,574 days. That's 31.71 years.

Sobering, isn't it?

A million bucks is a lot of money. We'd all be quite happy to have a million bucks in the old bank account.

It certainly puts our economy in a completely different light when we are tossing around figures like $85 billion like it's chump change.


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