Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gospel of John

I was reading the Gospel of John this morning, and something struck me. I normally try to read a chapter each morning, but I was getting toward the end of John - Chapter 18 - and I couldn't stop reading. I read to the end of book - through Chapter 21.

I mean, I have read this many times before, but John's writing style is so different than the other writers of the Gospels, and each time I read his poetic version of Jesus' life, I am riveted.

Anyway, I find it interesting that John didn't dwell on details too much. Instead of giving complete explanations of everything that happened, John chose to focus more on Jesus - who he was, what he said, and how he related to others.

The final chapters are no exception. While Matthew and Mark spend the bulk of their final chapters thoroughly taking the reader through the grueling torture and crucifixion that Jesus endured, John talked more about the post-resurrection Jesus. In fact, two full chapters - Ch. 20-21 - talk about Jesus' three appearances to his disciples after his death and burial, as well as Jesus' critical - and incredibly tender - final conversation with Peter.

If you haven't read the Book of John recently, I encourage you to do so. And, pay really close attention to Chapters 14-17, which are some of the most beautiful words - Jesus', no less - in all of Scripture.

And, now it's on to Acts.

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