Monday, November 5, 2007

The God of Wonders

I once heard Rick Warren say that it takes a lot more faith to believe that God doesn't exist than to acknowledge that there is, in fact, an incredible Creator who intricately wove together this amazing earth and the surrounding galaxies.

I have spent the past four days with my family driving throughout "God's Country" - aka Northwestern Wyoming, which includes Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. Words and photos cannot possibly suffice when describing this truly majestic and breathtaking landscape. I believe we have taken nearly 300 photographs on this vacation - and that was being conservative with the camera!

I was reading in the guest book in our condo, and one woman wrote that "God really outdid Himself when He created this area." I couldn't agree more. And, not only is the beauty of this area so amazing, but there's so little outside "noise" that you can truly get an idea of what God likely intended when He created earth - to have our undivided attention in the midst of his awesome creation.

For example, when we were unloading the car this evening, we all noticed how many stars were twinkling in the sky - it appeared that there were billions, and they were all so bright! My son asked, "Daddy, do we have this many stars in the sky at home?"

What a great vacation with my family! But, perhaps even greater is the reminder that we have an amazing, creative God who puts His splendor on display constantly...if we'll just slow down, get away, and take it all in!

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