Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I guess the WWJD? bracelets aren't "in vogue" anymore. I used to see them everywhere. But, like any good (or bad) fad or fashion statement, it has apparently hit its pinnacle and begun its decline.

The other day, I saw WWJD? somewhere - can't remember if it was a bumper sticker, magnet, or bracelet - but for the first time I stopped to actually think about this question: "What WOULD Jesus Do?"

Now, I'm certainly not minimizing the impact or significance of these 4 letters in peoples' lives. But, as I read WWJD and thought about it, I realized something: When we're faced with a dilemma, decision, or circumstance, we probably have NO IDEA what Jesus would do.
Let me explain.

You see, throughout Jesus' earthly ministry, no one was able to predict his next move. The things Jesus said and did made absolutely no sense to man. Why? Because Jesus took after his Daddy.

God is - and always has been - rather unpredictable. That's not to say that there aren't certain things we can count on. We know He's faithful, just, and merciful. But, the way these attributes are manifested - and have been manifested since the beginning of time - are truly mind-boggling.

God wanted something that would give him immense pleasure. A mansion? Luxury automobile? An iPhone? Nope. Man. Human beings with whom He could have a relationship.

God would continue to preserve and sustain that relationship, even when we tried our best to shatter it. We chose sin. We turned from Him. We worshiped idols that we made with our own hands. We chose fleeting pleasures of sin over His everlasting goodness.
But, God is unpredictable.

While we turn our backs on those who do us wrong, He chased after us when we did Him wrong. He still does. So, to keep this relationship, what does He do? Scold us? Abandon us? Say, "Oh well, I guess that was a bad idea." No. He sends a Savior. His one and only son. Because you can't pin God down. You can't figure Him out.

This boy - Jesus - is a chip off the ole block. Hebrews says he is an "exact representation" of his Daddy. And, when He enters earth, it's not in a palace. It's in a stinky, musty stable surrounded by animals. When he grows up, he doesn't cater to high society. He hangs out with the dregs of society - the outcasts, the ordinary, the dirty, the unclean. And, when he makes his triumphal entry into Jerusalem near the end of his life on earth, our King doesn't enter on a chariot or on the shoulders of men. He rides a small donkey. Why? Because Jesus is unpredictable.

In the final hours of his life, Jesus was mocked, tortured and crucified. In the midst of this torment, what did Jesus do? He prayed for those killing him. And in his final moments, he even found time to save a criminal hanging next to him. Jesus was shamed and abandoned. But, what did he do? He loved. He is unpredictable.

Time after time, God the Father and God the Son have done things and said things that man would never think of. And, that's OK. God says, "my ways are higher that your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts." He doesn't expect us to do what He does or think how He thinks.

But, there's one predictable part of both the Father and the Son. A common thread that binds them together, just as it has drawn us to our Savior. And, it's the simple answer to the question that often perplexes us.

What would Jesus Do?


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