Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 2sday 10

Ten of the "Hottest" Internet Urban Legends
Source: snopes.com

1. A Course in Miracles - email about Oprah Winfrey's sponsoring a "New Age Christ" course that contradicts the teachings of Christianity. (True and False)

2. Cell Phone Directory and Telemarketers - email claims cell phone numbers are about to be given to telemarketers. (False)

3. Glade Plug-ins Fire Hazard - email claims Glade Plug-ins brand air fresheners are a major fire hazard. (False)

4. Postcard/ Greeting Card Virus - emailed computer virus masquerades as a postcard from a friend or family member. (Real Virus)

5. Aspartame - email warns that artificial sweetener Aspartame is responsible for an epidemic of diseases. (False)

6. Bill Gates/ Microsoft/ AOL Giveaway - email claims that Bill Gates/ Microsoft/ AOL will give away cash and merchandise to those who forward an email message. (cmon...that's SO old. False.)

7. ATM Reverse Pin Panic Code - email claims that entering in one's PIN in reverse at any ATM will summon the police. (False)

8. Starbucks - email claims Starbucks refused to send free coffee to G.I.'s serving in Iraq. (False)

9. New Dollar Coin/ "In God We Trust" - email claims the design of the new U.S. dollar coin omits the motto "In God We Trust." (False)

10. Slow Dance/ Amy Bruce - Amy Bruce, a terminally ill young girl, writes "Slow Dance" poem. (False)

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