Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chan is the Man!

Today is my little buddy - Chandler's - birthday.

It was great getting to open his bedroom door this morning at 7:26 a.m. Getting down on my knees at his bedside. Singing "Happy birthday little buddy, happy birthday to you..." and seeing his eyes begin to open up to start the day. It was great to cover his head, cheeks, and hands with kisses, and hopping into his bed next to him to hold him tight.

You see, today's a "big" day - because today Chandler becomes a "big boy." At least, that is what we have been telling him for the past several weeks.

Some "big" things of late: he's now sitting in a "big boy" booster seat. He's now standing up "like a big boy" to go potty. He has surrendered his "Boo" (his version of a blankie) - because he's now a Big Boy. And, he got a "big boy" bicycle for his birthday.

Having one son is blessing enough for many. But, the Lord has blessed us with two awesome little "big boys." Four years ago today, God presented us with this amazing gift - son #2. And, what a joy he has been.

Chandler is nothing like his big brother. He hates getting dirty. If he gets sand, or dirt, or juice (anything) on his hands, he immediately has to clean them. And, he cannot stand for socks or pants to "ride up" his leg. That irritates the fool out of him. He has to push his PJ pants or socks around his ankles.

He is also very moody. Since he was about 6 months old, I have called him "Jekyll-Hyde" boy, or "Bi-polar Baby." He's the sweetest thing in the world one moment, allowing you to give him sugars and hugs. The next, he is an ogre who will swat his hands at you without warning, often raising his voice and crying. I gotta say I get quite a chuckle out of his mood swings. In fact, my amusement often lands me in trouble with Mommy. But, I just can't help but laugh.

Chandler is fearless. He climbs on everything, jumps over anything, will pounce on anyone, and he always wants to sword fight or play with light sabers (he can create a sword out of anything).

He's also a finicky eater. His diet consists of Pop-tarts, dry cereal, waffles, hot dogs, corn dogs, and chicken nuggets. Oh yeah, and Whoppers. His favorite candy. Fortunately, Chandler drinks his weight in milk on a weekly basis. Otherwise, he'd wither away.

But, most of all, I love little buddy's sweet smile, and a cackle that will melt your heart.

I am so thankful to God for Chandler, and for allowing me to be the luckiest Daddy in the world.

Love you, Chandler-buddy! Happy Birthday!

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Robert said...

Happy Birthday, Chandler from the Ingles!