Monday, June 9, 2008

God's Outside the Box

I don't know about you, but even though I don't mean to do it, I have a tendency to put God in a box. I think God must be like "this" or "that." If I do "this," then God will reward me "this" way. Or, if I am selfish, mean, inconsiderate, or disobedient, God will do "that" to reprimand me.

I read about God in the Bible, and sometimes it is just really difficult to identify with Moses or Paul or others who have had "direct" encounters with God. I mean, they literally had conversations with God while they were on the earth. As much as I know for a fact that these things happened just like we read them, it can almost seem mythical at times. Like, "that was cool for those guys, but God doesn't work like that any more."

And, it's true. He doesn't work like that anymore. You know why? Because while God Himself is unchanging, His methods for loving and watching after His children continue to change. God is unpredictable, and we cannot pin Him down. If we (man) could figure God out, we wouldn't need Him, right?

Along these lines, I have recently read a book that has completely transformed my view of God. The words contained in the pages of this book are tough to read at times. They will weigh heavy on you. They will take you to your knees. But, they will also fill your spirit. They will warm your heart. They will open your mind and your heart to a God who is so much bigger than you can imagine.

The book is called The Shack, and was written by William P. Young.

You need to read it. Today. As soon as you can get your paws on it.

When you do, you'll catch just a tiny glimpse into how good God is, how much He loves us, and what eternity holds for those who have trusted in Him. And, you'll understand even more why God cannot be put in a box.

Check out the
web site for the book, and see what others are saying about The Shack. Or, go ahead and order the book, or pick it up at your local bookstore.

You'll be glad you did.


Robert said...

After reading the very first comment which was primarily negative because it is not "orthodox" enough, I am more persuaded than ever to read it.

Not "orthodox" enough!? Give me a break. It is a novel!

I'll report back after I finish.

Robert said...

Awesome book! It'll make you laugh and cry. I will never think about God in the same way, the old "religious" way, ever again!