Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LASIK for the Mind & Heart?

A few years ago I had LASIK surgery. Quite a unique experience, I must say. Fifteen minutes after going in with blurred vision, I came out with perfect vision. Before I walked in, I was only able to see clearly about ten feet in front of me. Following the procedure, I had 20/15 vision. Incredible!

You know, it'd be great if they offered a LASIK-type procedure for our minds and hearts. Often times we get so "short-sighted" that we truly believe that the world revolves around us. And, not only that, but spiritual short-sightedness causes us to incorrectly perceive that what we experience personally day in and day out is what everyone else does.

Rob Bell, in one of his amazing Nooma videos, made a comment that has really made me think. He said we need to be careful that we don't confuse "our world with THE world." That statement packs a pretty powerful punch. Most of us (me included) are so focused on wrestling with our own "tough" decisions (where to eat out, what to wear, what kind of car to drive, do I get highlights in my hair or not, etc.) that we have truly lost sight of how the vast majority of people in this world truly live each day.

I heard recently that only 8 percent of the world's population drives a car. Further, the United States comprises 6 percent of the world's population - but uses 44 percent of its resources. Probably not a surprise to you...but sobering nonetheless.

In one of our meetings yesterday, we had the opportunity to view a video that talked about "affluenza" that is plaguing our society. After viewing it, we had a great discussion, and we all agreed that having "stuff" is not bad...but that we should be thankful to God for what He has given us, rather than focusing on what we don't have!

And, the biggest way we can show our appreciation is to give back - to God and to others! When we do, we can TRULY have a clear vision of who God has called us to be.


Camel Rider said...

Good post. Freaky picture.
This reality hits even harder when you live overseas. I never saw the vast difference between the standard of living in the states and the rest of the world. I spend more every month on utilities than most of my neighbors. I do agree that it's ok to have nice things. But having so much also comes with a responsibility to be good stewards. The struggle lies in determining how much God has given me for me and how much He has given me for others. Even living among some of the world's poorest it's a struggle.

Unknown said...

If you haven't seen it yet, go to YouTube and check out the video called Teenage Affluenza. Pretty convicting stuff. Ultimately, balance is the key. Great comments! How did you stumble upon my blog, especially overseas??

Camel Rider said...

I'll check it out. BTW, I'm a former NorthStar guy and found your link through Mike Linch's blog. Keep posting!