Friday, August 24, 2007

We All Love a Comeback Story...Right??

OK, I'll admit I am not the biggest Michael Vick fan. In fact, I really wasn't too fond of him before this whole mess came out in the media. The guy has always been in dire need of some sage public relations advice.

I guess what has got me fired up about this story isn't so much about the Falcons' incurable offensive woes, or all the legal analysis we've heard ad nauseum, or even the cruel treatment of the dogs themselves - which is truly sad. At the end of the day, my concern is for Michael Vick. And, I have gotten a bad taste in my mouth from all the people who are delighting in this man's pain.

Like many of you, I have listened to many of the call-in shows. What's interesting is that this unfortunate set of circumstances has been as polarizing as Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. I've hear everything from "he's been set up" to "he should receive the maximum punishment and be banned forever from the NFL" (and everything in between).

As insensitive as he comes across at times, talk show host Neal Boortz actually made what I consider a pretty "gracious" comment on this issue on the radio yesterday. One caller said that Vick "was being let off easy, and that justice needed to be served" - to which Boortz replied, "What do you mean? Justice will be served, and has been. Michael Vick has lost a lot already."

You may be thinking, "What has he lost? He's a millionaire." Well, he has already lost potentially hundreds of millions of dollars from endorsement deals, he has lost thousands of fans and supporters, he's lost his job (one of only 32 that exist in the world), and he has lost - and hurt - many friends. Further, he will likely be sentenced to 18 months in jail and be banned for at least a season or two from the NFL. And, I'm sure there are many more prices to pay that you cannot quantify. Yes, Michael Vick has lost a lot already. But, I think he has even more to gain.

Somehow through all of this, many of us have forgotten how much we love a great comeback story. We love the Cinderella stories, the hard-luck stories, the rags to riches stories. They are compelling and inspiring. And, Michael Vick has the opportunity to be a modern-day "Cinderella Man" if he is changed from the inside out.

So, let's give the guy a chance. A second chance. "Why should I?" you might ask. Well, in short, because God gave you one. In fact, He gives us a second chance every time we mess up. Every time we fall. Every time we do Him wrong.

And, you know why? Because God loves a Comeback Story. And chances are, he's already got His heavenly paper and pen out right now scripting His next miracle.

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