Monday, September 10, 2007

Laugh it Up!

I've been bitter since my senior year in High School, when I was the runner-up in the vote for "Wittiest" student among my peers. What did they know? I have always felt like I was robbed. There's no question I was the wittiest! Ironically, I was a distant 438th in the vote for "Mr. Humility."

But, seriously, I have always believed that my sense of humor - even at inopportune times - is an asset that has been genuinely beneficial over the course of my 33-plus years. And, I just confirmed that notion, as I took a "humor self-test" on the Spirituality & Health web site. On Dr. Thornton's Humor Scale (I have no idea who Dr. Thornton is), I scored a 61 out of 64.

The test scores people in four areas: (1) creativity and performance, (2) using humor as a coping mechanism, (3) facilitating humor, and (4) appreciating humor. If you score in the upper 50's or 60's, then humor is really serving you well and is improving your quality of life. Those scoring between 40 & 50 use humor effectively at times, but could "learn to let go" more often. Finally, those scoring in the 30's or (gasp!) in the 20's are told to "loosen up" and are considered "gloomy."

Why does all this matter? Well, scientific studies have proven that laughing people are more creative and more productive, and hence are better teammates in a work environment. Further, it has been shown that laughter can add up to eight years to someone's life!

So, how do you think you'd do? Take 2-3 minutes to take this
self-assessment and see where you stand. If you're soaring near 60, then congrats! If you are hovering in the 30's, then you may need to kick it to Chuck E. Cheese's and play a little Skee Ball.

Now, pull my finger.

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