Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What in the World is R & R?

I really enjoy the concept of "R & R." The thought of getting much-needed and much-deserved Rest & Relaxation really appeals to me. But, I have to admit...these days I really don't know what R & R is.

With a hectic life that includes my wife and I both working full-time jobs, two kids in school, one son playing fall baseball, going to Athens on Saturdays for UGA home football games, cleaning the house, running errands, helping kids with homework (the list could continue), the execution of the much-beloved "R & R" has become foreign to me.

But, I cannot blame "life" completely for this. You see, even when "life" allows R & R, I have a tough time accepting it. I guess it's how I'm wired. I feel the most alive when I am DOING something. I find satisfaction in being productive. But, sometimes being TOO productive can be COUNTER-productive. It's a tough lesson I am continually learning.

Tomorrow, Amy, the kids, and I head to Florida to sneak in a few last days at the beach as summer comes to a close. It's truly my prayer that I will be able to "let go" of work and "productivity" for a couple days and chill out. It's easier said than done, I assure you. I am going to allow myself to check emails once or twice a day, but I am not going to do any job-related work (some may argue that I rarely do that anyway).

I find it interesting that in the Bible any time something "big" was about to happen, or any time God was going to use someone in a big way, He asked them to "get away" for a while. To reset their minds and priorities. And, while I have no intentions of heading into a wilderness to fast for 40 days, I do hope to become refreshed and re-invigorated.

I really love my family. And, I really love my job. And, this weekend, I hope to strengthen both by loosening the grip "life" has on me, as well as trying to overcome the bent I have on staying busy.

Hold on...I have an email to reply to...

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