Monday, June 23, 2008

A Week with My Favorite People

Those who know me well (and even those that barely know me) can tell you that I really enjoy going on trips and spending vacations with my wife and kids. It's been a running joke that has followed me around since I began working for a living back in 1996: "Where is C.A. this time?"

In fact, at my previous job I was often ridiculed for actually using my vacation time. I almost had a falling out with a friend at work because he just couldn't stop making wise cracks about the fact that I would actually choose to spend vacation days I had earned to go away for a few days at a time with my family. Initially, I laughed it off. Then, I started to get defensive. And, finally, I refused to take it any more and fired back.

He admitted he had taken it a little too far and he apologized. And, I don't have any hard feelings over it. But, I refuse to allow the fact that others don't spend time with their families or go on vacation to deter me from doing it with mine.

Amy told me the other day that she thought that I'd become a professional traveler if I could get away with it. She may be right. I obsess over every detail of a trip. And, it's not stressful at all. it's invigorating! I love planning trips!

But, even more than that, I enjoy getting away with my loved ones. Planning to vacation is fun, but it would be pointless if I had no one to spend these priceless moments with.

This week, we're staying in Charleston, South Carolina. Already, we have hit the beach, the pool, Patriot's Point (click photo above for an even better look), and some great local eateries. And, we have some more great things planned the rest of the week. And, as funny as this sounds, I am bummed that we only have 4 1/2 days left on our trip.

Oh well...guess it'll be time to start planning the NEXT getaway!!

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Robert said...

I like my leisure time too.

My dad hardly ever took vacation time. When I was a kid, my mom and my siblings would load up the car every summer and head off to our grandmothers house in southeastern Missouri. Back then the interstate highway system was incomplete, so we had to drive through every little town between here and there. We stopped and had picnics at scenic spots along the Tennessee River in north Alabama. We crossed the mighty Mississippi on a ferry. I have fond memories of those trips to this day.

Unfortunately, my dad never went, so he was not a part of those memories. One year I even took a picture of him with me. It was a picture of him sitting at his desk at work. In fairness, my dad made up for this shortcoming in other ways.

I treasure my vacation time with my kids and want to be a part of their precious memories. It wouldn't think of having it any other way.