Friday, August 10, 2007

Something Besides Doom and Gloom? I'm all Ears!

I don't know about you, but I get pretty darn tired of always hearing "bad news" when I turn on my radio or TV. In fact, the only news I watch or listen to these days is WSB Radio's morning news, and that is so I can hear the traffic, sports, and weather forecast. I have little interest in anything else reported.

It's not that there isn't good news (or news that is neither good nor bad) to report. It's that all the TV and radio stations chase the sirens and listen to the police scanners to get their major news stories. Apartments fires. Murder. Theft rings. Gambling rings. Dog fighting (sorry, couldn't resist). Are some of these newsworthy? Absolutely. But, there are plenty of other events and stories that deserve getting a "nod" on the editing floor.

I was surfing the web earlier, and came across a web site devoted completely to reporting GOOD news. It's called The Good News Network International (
check it out HERE). At first, the headlines seem a little odd. But, they only seem out of place because I'm so accustomed to reading stories that aren't at all uplifting. They list stories about endangered species that are rebounding. Another about a robot camera that has been invented to help fight fires. And, yet another about Brad Pitt leaving the set of a movie in Chicago to report to jury duty in L.A. (I guess they aren't kidding when they tell you that NO one can get out of serving).

These aren't earth-shattering stories compared to the Iraqi War or the upcoming Presidential Election. But, they are great for lifting spirits and providing encouragement for a world desperately in need of a positive word.

Now, if only we could get the Falcons to make the headlines on the GNN!!

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g00d_news said...

Nicely written!

I see that you are the Director of Communications at NorthStar Church...

It would be great if you can put a blurb in the church newsletter telling congregants about the source of good news that you found.

I'm the editor at the good news network and we could use some help spreading the word. The website is ten years old this month! So make it a celebration announcement, even though you really are doing people a favor by letting them know there *is* a place to go to hear about the good that's happening.

Did you know we had a Sports section? ;)

Click on Recreation and you will see categories on Sports and Celebrities. Click on Family Life and see categories for good news about Kida and Pets...

Have a great weekend...

geri weis-corbley